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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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storm 4 doppler radar. already a lot of snow moving in toward portions of west virginia but in maryland and virginia right now most of this not quite reaching the ground. when it does we'll start out as rain but eventually switch to snow as we do see some falling temperatures overnight tonight down to about 39 by 11:00 with the mixture of rain and snow, same deal goes tomorrow morning. most areas to the north and west of washington tomorrow will be all snow when you wake up between 5:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning, all areas south and east should be all rain. we'll break this down for you. i'll show you who i expect to see what and when coming up in my full forecast. >> all right. thank you, doug. now to some breaking news tonight. out of the district where police have just announced an arrest in the murder of a transgender woman. >> news 4's jackie benson is live at d.c. police headquarters in northwest with this. jackie? >> reporter: police chief kathy lanier says 55-year-old gary montgomery of northeast d.c. was arrested this afternoon by the fugitive task force. now, he is charged with
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second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 23-year-old japarker jones known to many friends as dionne. the chief says at this time montgomery has not been charged with a hate crime for the murder of a transgender person but it hasn't been ruled out. >> unlike we have seen in the past, in this case at the time when this homicide took place, passersby, unrelated to this situation, intervened, two passersby, and attempted to assist a person they believed was being assaulted. we had people driving down the street who did not drive by the crime in progress. they stomped. they did what they could to help. and they notified police and waited for police to come to the scene. and then we had people in the community that came forward and provided us the information that we need. i want to thank all of those who have helped us bring this case
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to closure. >> reporter: the chief says as a matter of routine detectives are looking at montgomery in connection with other similar crimes. i can tell you that there was an increase in crimes against transgender persons in the district of columbia over the last year. reporting live from d.c. police headquarters in northwest washington, jackie benson, news 4. all right. thank you. we are also following some breaking news on reports of gun fire outside a prince george's county school. officers have arrested one person near duval high in green belt. police say some shots were fired about 3:30 this afternoon when two groups of males got into a fight. no injuries and right now it's not clear who the gun belonged to or if the person arrested was a student. it is some of the most compelling testimony yet in the trial of the uva la crosse player accused of murder and came from the defendant himself. in his first recorded conversation with police, george huguely describes what happened the day his ex-girlfriend and
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fellow la crosse player was found dead. news 4's julie carey joins us outside the courthouse in charlottesville with the dramatic details today. julie? >> reporter: it was the most emotional, gripping hour yet in this trial because of the way the courtroom is set up only the jurors, the judge, and the attorneys could see george huguely but all could hear him. at first we could hear a george huguely who seemed unconcerned as he talked to police but later became hysterical. george huguely dry eyed as he came to court but ended up in tears, his head down as prosecutors played the videotaped statement he made to police on may 3rd, 2010, shortly after yardley love was found dead. detective lisa reeves took the witness stand explaining that when they found huguely at his apartment he came willingly to police headquarters and was read his miranda rights. the interview starts casually. huguely, who had been drinking heavily the day before, sounds
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groggy. he describes the recent turbulence with yardley love whom he called his former girlfriend. each had recently learned the other had been unfaithful. huguely says he went to love's apartment to talk things over. huguely complained to police when he entered love's bedroom she got defensive, said huguely. i was like, chill out and shook her a little and she started freaking out. he says, she kept hitting her head against the wall. he later adds, somehow she ended up on the floor. i was holding her. i never struck her. i think that's when her nose started to bleed. huguely says he then tossed love on her bed and left. detectives pressed with tougher questions. did you grab her neck? huguely, i may have grabbed her a little bit on the neck but i never strangled her. eventually detective reeves delivers the information that abruptly changes the interview. i have to tell you something, says reeves. she's dead. you killed her. huguely, she's dead. no. i did not. she's dead?
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how the -- is she dead? reeves, you killed her. soon huguely becomes hysterical, shouting and crying. as detectives handcuff him he says, please tell me she is not dead. detective reeves, i wish i could tell thaw, george. she is a 22-year-old and she's gone. huguely, kill me, oh, my god. there is no way she's dead. after that more than ten minutes passes as a distraught huguely repeats over and over, i don't believe it. i didn't kill her. she's not dead. i know she's not dead. george huguely wasn't the only one brought to tears today. at least two jurors also cried as they watched that videotape as did yardley love's mother and sister. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 i'll take a look at george huguely's lies to police during his videotape statement. reporting live from charlottesville i'm julie carey, news 4. >> all right. we'll look forward to that report at 6:00. thank you. today president obama moved to turn down the heat on the birth control controversy that has been simmering for weeks. he announced he is backing off
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the requirement for religious employers to provide free birth control coverage even if contraception runs counter to the employer's religious doctrine. >> under the rule, women will still have access to free preventative care. that includes contraceptive services no matter where they work. but if a woman's employer is a charity or a hospital that has a religious objection to providing contraceptive services as part of their health plan, the insurance company, not the hospital, not the charity, will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive care free of charge. >> president obama's compromise on this contraception regulation is getting mixed reviews from catholics in our area. there was a cautious celebration at a catholic school in maryland but others are not so quick to see this as a victory. derrick ward is live in d.c. with more reaction to this. >> reporter: we're in front of st. augustine's catholic church here in northwest, one of
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countless or thousands of parishes across the country where this will likely be a topic of discussion. you know, the white house isn't calling it a compromise but an accommodation. that speaks to how precarious an issue this is. while there are some who are seeing a measured victory here, this may be too complex an issue to talk about in terms of victory and defeat. >> we gather on this campus for just a moment of prayer, reflection, and as i said, some celebration. >> reporter: but it would be a cautious celebration. on the campus of mount st. mary's university in emmitsburg, maryland, the compromise or accommodation announced by the president frees the church and church affiliated institutions from providing or even referring employees to free contraceptive care. now it falls to the insurer and it garnered praise among some in the clergy. >> this was an example where religiously motivated men and women and other men and women of good will put forward their visions and the administration found a way to accommodate people of competing views.
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>> we are relieved that the white house did not cave completely to the demands of the u.s. bishops. >> reporter: the group catholics for choice took out a full page ad in friday's "the washington post" and after the accommodation they're even more guarded. now we believe the promise of contraceptive coverage for workers at catholic controlled institutions is on a wing and a prayer. it is dependent upon insurance companies doing the right thing. >> reporter: he worries that means it will be just women's care that will be compromised. back on the campus students like freshman kelly conroy said the original plan went against her conscience. >> it is very helpful and very grateful for the president and other people taking into consideration our freedom of conscience. >> reporter: but at catholics for choice there is a sense that the issue is not so much over who pays for contraceptive care. it's just a tip of the iceberg. they say the true debate is over its inclusion in health care at all. and questions remain, what about devout private employers of any religion who object to contraception?
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can they be exempted? will a provision drive up insurance premiums? here ironically there is agreement from both sides. >> of course the devil is in the details. >> the devil in these situations is in the details. >> reporter: indeed. this is due to take effect in august but acknowledging the devil could be in the details it could be extended out longer to work out some of those details. we are live in neblt. derrick ward, news 4. >> thanks, derrick. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will stand trial for child sexual abuse this spring. a tentative trial date of may 14th was set during a pretrial hearing today in state college. during the hearing, sandusky said he wanted the trial to stay in state college. he also requested to have the same access to his grandchildren that his wife dottie does. >> came home after visiting with grandchildren or sitting there when grandchildren call on my birthday and they ask to talk to me and she has to tell them that
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they can't. >> prosecutors vehemently oppose loosening the restrictions. some of sandusky's neighbors voiced concern after he was seen out on his deck because his back yard borders with the school playground. sandusky faces 52 counts of child sexual abuse. he is accused of molesting boys over a 15 i didn't remember period. decision 2012. mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich all spent the day in the d.c. area in town for cpac a meeting of conservative activists. romney started off in northern virginia's tech corridor joined by a top supporter in that battleground state. news 4's jane watrel is here to tell us about that. >> reporter: wendy, mitt romney got two standing ovations from the high tech crowd and he was clearly in his element calling for less government and more american innovation. >> reporter: the leading republican candidate for the president of the united states -- >> reporter: it was a pro business message to a pro business crowd. gop presidential contender mitt romney getting a rousing welcome
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from those who work at northern virginia's high tech corridor. >> if america is to remain the strongest nation on earth, then we must be the most innovative nation on earth. otherwise we'll surely shall passed by other nations. >> innovation is the theme that most of the 900 people here can relate to as members of the consumer electronics association and technology council. these are the risk takers on the cutting edge of the high tech world. >> most of us i think believe the opportunity for this country to expand and grow and shine is through innovation. >> reporter: romney appeared with one of his top supporters, governor bob mcdonald, touting the state's unemployment rate of 6.2%. >> i want to thank you for the tremendous partnership over the last couple of years to work together, to help our state rebound from perhaps the toughest period since the great depression. >> reporter: but mid afternoon
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the former massachusetts governor went before some of his toughest critics, conservatives who are gathered at the influential conference known as cpac. a group romney needs to lock up for the gop nomination. while virginia's primary is about a month away, back at the tech council speech many came to check out the candidate and his message of global competition. >> certainly appreciated his ideas on innovation and bringing business into virginia. >> i think it is very, very critical. it is very much a global playing field and we have to do something to keep up. >> reporter: virginia's primary is march 6th and with romney clearly favored to win that's because newt gingrich and rick santorum failed to qualify on time. all right. jane watrel, thank you. when we come right back on news 4 at 5:00 tonight a long list of questions after police shoot and kill a 54-year-old woman in a church parking lot. a woman takes advantage of a man who seems to be passed out in a metro station. wait until you see what happens next. and they say virginia is for
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lovers. now a city in our area is nationally ranked when it comes to romance.
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metro has a secret plan to stop crime. it involves baiting the criminals. >> tisha thompson from the news 4 i-team shows us how metro cops
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are going undercover now. >> reporter: take a close look at this video. a man looks like he is passed out, a perfect target for this woman who bends down and snatches his phone. what she doesn't realize, he's a cop surrounded by undercover officers ready to grab her, handcuff her, and take her to jail. >> we pick out strategic locations based on criminal activity and where regular customers are being robbed. we stage areas we know those crimes are more prevalent. >> reporter: part of metro's decoy operation to cut down thefts of expensive electronics. >> it is something new. probably over the last year we've seen an increase in robbery of electronic devices as technology grows and those devices become more popular and user friendly in the system we've seen an increase in those robbers. >> the officers say the decoy operations happen so fast most people don't even realize they're happening even though it's right here on the metro platform until the arrest is
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made. metro says it's arrested more than 70 suspects since october. one of the undercover officers agreed to talk with us only if we did not reveal his identity. >> our goal is to remain anonymous so we can continue to have the same success since we had since we began in october of 2011. >> reporter: it seems to be working. in the last two weeks more than 70% of reported robberies involved an undercover officer. >> we want you to know if you're in d.c., maryland, or virginia the next person you rob could be a d.c. police officer. >> reporter: at gallery place metro, tisha thompson, news 4. >> metro transit police tell us electronics are easy to steal because the devices are so good at distracting us. they say you can help them with their decoy operations by protecting yourself, by paying attention to who is around you. it's good to know these guys are around us.
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>> it might be a good weekend to be taking the subway because it is going to be cold o there. at least you're under ground and warm. >> it is going to be brutal as far as cold temperatures go. a couple things you'll need, the coats, hats, gloves. one thing you're not going to need with this system the snow shovels. you won't need the sleds. this is not going to be a big no event though we are going to see some snow just about everywhere even those folks in southern maryland that have really not seen much at all. out there right now current temperatures hitting at 43 degrees. you can see the clouds have moved in across the region. earlier we were seeing sunshine but now the clouds are moving in as the storm system is doing the same. winds right now out of the west-northwest about 6 miles per hour. that dew point 31 so we're still fairly dry. it is raining or snowing just aloft but it's not reaching the ground just yet as we have just a little bit on the dry side. 37 back in winchester. 39 in leesburg. and in gaithersburg. 44 in la plata. the warm spot fredericksburg at 48 degrees. take a look at the temperatures just to our north and west. much colder in columbus, ohio.
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30 degrees with snow. 33 in pittsburgh with some snow there. morgan town and elkins both reporting snow right now. temperature there at 32 degrees. that colder air is going to start to move in. here is the snow. you can see it back toward the west but you also notice the rain here coming right over the d.c. area but this is the rain that's not quite hitting the ground as once again we're just a little bit too dry but the more moisture we see come in the easier it is for the drops or the flakes to start hitting the surface. i expect that over the next couple hours. maybe around 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. the wider view here is showing really a very large storm system tan's actually two different storm systems. that is what we're going to see, a first round coming through tonight. we're talking about say 11:00 or 12:00 starting to the north and west. by 1:30 maybe some shower activity around 995 but back toward i-81 la ray, front royal, winchester up through frederick, up through martinsburg, west virginia. up toward the charles town area. this will be snow and all snow. watch what happens by tomorrow morning. moves to the east.
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washington, d.c. i think by 5:00, 6:00 we'll switch it over snow. many of us could see some snow on the roof tops tomorrow but it's just going to be a coating with this first round. southern maryland, you stay rain throughout the day. here comes a little break. by 11:30 a little break but we are talking about cold air and cloud cover and very windy conditions. then we'll see another round of snow move in. this is the one that i expect to see some coating to an inch of snow even down toward the south in through southern maryland and around the d.c. area. more like a coating than an inch but i would not be surprised to see a few areas maybe around the half inch mark maybe up to an inch in some areas. rain and snow developing this evening mostly after midnight. 38 to 43 degrees. tomorrow morning you'll wake up and walk outside to see snow to the north and west. rain to the south and east. 31 to 36 degrees and here is your forecast for tomorrow. really just a brutal day. rain and snow showers likely becoming windy with gusts to 40 miles per hour. 36 to 42 degrees with temperatures falling during the afternoon. we'll see wind chills down to
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around the 20s throughout the day on sunday wind chills will start out in the single digits potentially and move to the teens and lower 20s all day on sunday. very cold air coming in. that's the biggest story here with this storm. >> haven't seen those numbers in a while. >> we haven't. >> thank you, doug. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight a pocket dial leads to several arrests. >> uh-oh. oh, my god it's a cop. >> put this thing up. >> police say the suspects accidently called 911 during their drug deal. i'm liz crenshaw. do child safety seats ever expire? that's the question. the answer is coming up on ask liz on news 4 at 5:00. why drivers in d.c. no longer need to parallel park before they get their driver's [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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happy music. what happens to the sports gear made for the sports team? that loses the championship? do child safety seats ever expire? how do you get liquid paper whiteout out of your clothes? it's friday and liz crenshaw joins us with ask liz. hi there. >> hi there. nice to see you. >> i didn't know -- >> you know how when you play
5:25 pm
automatically the guys have the hat that says they're the winner? what about the other guy? >> what happens -- i mean, they have created all of this gear. >> right. for both teams. >> then they lose. what happened to all the patriots gear? >> what happened to all that stuff -- okay. so the humanitarian organization world vision helped us with this answer. it says that for more than 15 years the nfl has donated its preprinted championship merchandise bearing the name of the team that does not win the title to world vision. world vision identifies countries in need overseas that will benefit from the gear and the clothing is shipped to those communities in need. is that not the best? >> okay. william sent that question. thanks, william. the next comes from janet in fairfax station. she has heard you should not hand down child safety seats because they have an expiration date. is that true? >> we talked to the national safe kids campaign to get the answer and it says most manufacturers agree the child safety seats should not be used after six years because there is
5:26 pm
always new technology that can help protect your children. it says many new car seats have something called a use by date on them and all car seats should have a sticker on them telling you exactly when the seat was manufactured. safe kids says if you're getting a used car seat make sure you know it's from someone that you know and trust and make sure it's never been involved in an accident. in about six years get a new one. >> interesting. sarah sent in this question. she wants to know how do you get white out liquid paper out of your clothes? >> unfortunate enough to spill it on you. we contacted the clothing doctor steve borstein for this answer. he says getting whiteout is a heavy duty job that needs to be done by a dry cleaner. unfortunately that means over-the-counter stain sprays and things like that are not going to get the job done. best to take the item of clothing to a trusted laundry service or dry cleaner where they can use stronger chemicals to dissolve that whiteout substance. if you have a question you would like us to consider for ask liz send it to ask liz@nbc
5:27 pm or contact me on twitter. just search liz crenshaw. on facebook by searching liz crenshaw's consumer watch. and have a fabulous weekend. >> yes. >> enjoy the snow. >> be cozy. great. thanks. jim? just ahead on news 4 at 5:00 tonight "the washington post" critic tom sietsema reveals what is behind the mysterious 10:00 p.m. bell ringing at a new district restaurant. police make a disturbing discovery on the computer of a man who blew up his house with himself and his children in
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hello everybody. i'm doug kammerer. watching our next storm system most of the precipitation around the metro area not reaching the ground but back toward the west up toward frederick county, maryland and northern montgomery, maryland around dplas cuss seeing some snow showers coming through over the last hour or so. we'll continue to watch the storm and the coldest air. i have not shown you the snow accumulation map yet. that is coming up in a couple minutes. i'll have it in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, doug. a 54-year-old culpepper, virginia woman is dead tonight shot after a police officer had an altercation with her in a school parking lot. >> authorities say the officer was investigating the report of a suspicious vehicle. a witness says the officer fired at least six shots at this driver when she pulled away.
5:31 pm
pat collins reports from culpepper. >> reporter: 54-year-old pat cook, a retired koss mey toll gist, shot and killed by a culpepper police officer. it happened in the parking lot of a catholic school. they say someone complained of the suspicious person in a car in the lot and the cop went there to investigate. police say the officer fired a shot after pat cook closed the window of her car on the officer's arm and started to drive off. but chris bukle is an eyewitness and says it didn't happen that way at all. the officer's arm wasn't caught in the window of the driver's side? >> no, sir, not at all. >> reporter: where was his arm? >> on the door handle. >> reporter: trying to open it up. and his other arm -- >> yeah. he had the gun, one hand on the door handle one hand on his gun. >> reporter: what did the officer say? he said stop or i'll shoot. and about the time she rolled the window up is when he shot. >> reporter: he said he saw the
5:32 pm
whole thing. he said the cop continued to shoot at mrs. cook's jeep as it drifted down the street and crashed into a telephone pole. she was pronounced dead at the scene. have you ever known her to be confrontation with police? >> no, no. >> reporter: gary cook is the victim's husband. he says his wife didn't drink or use drugs. he says she's never been in trouble with the law. she got a traffic ticket back in 1979 in illinois, he said. that's about it. >> said there was an altercation but she never left the vehicle. and she was shot while in the vehicle. >> reporter: pat cook was affiliated with the culpepper united methodist church. they say she worked with children there. >> our prayers are for everybody who is involved in this situation. it's not a good situation for anybody. >> reporter: many questions yet to be answered. why was pat cook in this parking lot? why did she try to drive away?
5:33 pm
was that officer's life really in danger? and how come so many shots were fired? the virginia state police are working the case. in culpepper, i'm pat collins, news 4. >> in the 50 years the town of culpepper has had a police force this is the first time an officer has ever killed anyone. his name is not released and he's on routine administrative leave during this investigation. the national park service says it will change the controversial quote on the martin luther king memorial. the service says it plans to remove the paraphrase and replace it with the full quotation from the civil rights leader. some complained that the wording didn't accurately reflect king's words. the inscription currently reads, i was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness. the full quotation is different. yes, if you want to say that i was a drum major say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for
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righteousness and all of the other shallow things will not matter. police are hoping someone will recognize two men who robbed a 7-eleven in prince george's county but they were wearing ski masks. the robbery happened around 4:00 a.m. yesterday in the 5400 block of silver hill road in forestville. police say the men were armed. they had the ski masks on as you see. not clear how much money they got away with. no one was injured. d.c.'s fighting back against a rash of snatch and run thefts. the crimes usually involve thieves grabbing personal electronics like cell phones or ipods right out of people's hands or cars and then quickly selling the stolen goods for cash. d.c. is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction and $1,000 if your tip leads to an indictment. the district is also working with federal authorities to deactivate stolen cell phones to prevent thieves from cashing in. >> working with the federal
5:35 pm
communications commission and working with the providers of these communications devices to immediately render them useless. to immediately deactivate them so that stealing them would lead to no economic gain. >> reporter: if you have a tip on a cell phone theft you can call d.c. police at 2:02-797-9099 or text the information to 540-111 and you can remain anonymous. four police officers received a big honor from the prince george's county fire department today. the fire chief presented certificates of award to police corporal eric lee, officer jonathan iler, corporal matthew king and officer first class daniel gonzalez. the officers saw smoke coming from a sixth floor window of the spellman house apartments in college park last saturday and they helped evacuate the building despite not having protective equipment. their actions were especially important because the building's alarms did not sound. investigators believe the fire was started by an unattended candle. it is still not clear why the
5:36 pm
building alarms didn't work. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight in quick bites "the washington post" food critic tells us the secret behind a new restaurant's nightly bell ringing. a city in northern virginia has been named one of the most romantic in the nation. and police say ty busted bust eed a drug deal because the suspects accidently called 911 right in the middle of the transaction.
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if you've walked through foggy bottom you've probably noticed a new restaurant. >> if you've peaked inside you got a good look at good food. "the washington post" food critic tom sietsema reviews district commons in this weekend's "the washington post" magazine. >> here is a preview. >> reporter: here is one of the many reasons i admire district commons. during the most recent restaurant week the foggy bottom newcomer let customers choose from nearly the entire menu in the same generous portions it has dished up since opening in october. now, you might know this restaurant. it comes from passion food hospitality. a little empire of dining rooms co-owned by the chef. it includes d.c. coast in washington and passion fish in reston. i love the pretzel loaf. sort of a baguette by way of
5:40 pm
munich. it costs $2 and comes with a mustard butter you can spread on the warm bread. also keep the company's fish rich portfolio in mind when ordering. except for the limited selections, oysters on the half shell always please me as does the shrimp cocktail with the biting sauce. chowder is crammed with seafood, crab, shrimp, chopped clams, and jolted with chipotle. the pastry kitchen is a take on boston cream pie. sweetened with a filling of custard and finished with a glossy curtain of sauce made with melted fudge. a bit of caramel sauce hit with a sprinkle of sea salt makes it even more modern. late diners will have to tell me whether the family meal is worth staying up for but i dig the idea of offering customers the food the staff eats. at 10:00 the sound of a bell signals the chance to try in the bar or lounge only a slab of meat loaf, chicken fried steak, or the fixings. the dishes are priced to please at $12. the restaurant isn't blazing in
5:41 pm
the culinary trails with its cooking but sometimes a diner just wants a decent piece of fish with a good drink and a side of pampering. i'm giving 1 1/2 stars, a satisfactory to good rating to district commons in the district. >> that dessert. >> that and a glass of wine right now would be quite good. you can catch tom sietsema's restaurant reviews every sunday in "the post" magazine and also see his reviews he has done here at nbc but you don't get to see him because he is incognito. the reason drivers in d.c. no longer have to parallel park before they get their licenses. >> and in sports hakem will be here with all the best and worst from the sports world in case [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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the d.c. department of motor vehicles is facing a problem like many drivers in the district. no place to park. but in this case it's no place to test new drivers on parallel parking. it hasn't been part of the dmv test for three years now and city officials hope to reinstate the test by next year if the city can lease suitable space. we know virginia is for lovers. but one place in the commonwealth is apparently more romantic than most other cities not just in virginia but in the nation. from the restaurants to the longery options. news 4's erika gonzalez is here to tell us what makes reston so magical. >> reporter: let's talk about this. location, location, location.
5:45 pm
all right. it's not just for buying real estate anymore. it is about romance. so if you've been looking for love in all the wrong places, alas. there is hope. if virginia is for lovers then reston is for romance. four square the social networking site that allows you to check into locations on your phone has come up with a list of the ten most romantic places in the country. it looked at the percentages of check-ins to places it deemed romantic over the last year in cities with over 100,000 four square check-ins. reston came in number seven. >> i can believe it. >> reporter: ellen says she and her husband dated here in their teens. lake ann was their romantic spot. >> we walked hand in hand along like a little pier there and we were very poor back then, poor but in love. and you know what? i live here now. we still go back there. >> reporter: for this couple, they say it's the fact that
5:46 pm
reston offers so much to do. >> a small community, the trails, and so close to the town center. meanwhile you have the residential areas that are -- but that makes you feel more lovy dovy? >> it does. it does. >> reporter: but others don't see the same air of romance. you want to impress me and you want to take this gal for a night on the town for a romantic night. where do you take me? >> in reston? >> reporter: among the romantic places people checked in at were french restaurants, lingerie stores, flower shops, and wine bars. why is wine romantic? or is it what it does? >> exactly. that does add some romance. i think a wine is complex. like relationships. >> reporter: jenny boyd of the tasting room wine bar says the bulk of her customers are people on dates looking for romance in reston. >> reporter: all right. get this. reston beat out the sandy
5:47 pm
beaches of south carolina and even beverly hills but where is the most romantic place? according to four square lake buena vista, florida. how do you like them apples? >> wow. >> what is the nearest airport to that? good to know. >> and a close second? napa. >> napa. >> there we go. >> the wine. >> wine country. absolutely. >> i know. that's a no brainer. >> reston. who knew? >> we'll have to check out reston a little more often. >> i went willing. i was ready to find romance. still looking. >> okay. >> you can twitter or e-mail. erika under score news. erika.gonzalez at nbc. single lady. >> all right. thanks. >> thanks, guys. hey pizza hut wants a few lucky ladies and men to experience the proposal of a lifetime for valentine's day. so the fast food chain is offering customers the tie the knot with the $10 box deal. here is how it works. the package includes a red ruby
5:48 pm
ring, limo service, flowers, a fireworks show, a photographer to document all this. a videographer, and a $10 pizza hut dinner box. it'll cost you only $10,010. forgot to say that. plus tax. the company says it's only offering ten deals across the country. the offer is only valid through valentine's day. so start dialing. >> you're in pizza hut. >> there is that. here is a doug with a final check on the weather. we got a cold one coming in. >> i worked at pizza hut and something tells me i won't be buying that $10,000 box. out there right now, guys, we have rain and some snow moving in across the area. a couple rain drops right now around the washington, d.c. area. you see all the snow back toward west virginia and back there toward ohio. we'll zoom on in now and what you see here is also snow in through frederick county. it looks like rain on the radar here in montgomery county. i'm getting reports on my facebook and twitter pages about mount airy and damascus.
5:49 pm
they are seeing some snow out of this. at least some snowflakes. same deal goes along the blue ridge right on down from frederick down through portions of loudoun county and down through portions of western faucier. we are starting to see some snow mixing on in even toward the east. now snowfall forecast, here is your map showing you coating to an inch. this is through tomorrow night. we'll see two periods of snow, one early tomorrow morning and then one during the afternoon tomorrow afternoon so a coating to an inch around the i-95 corridor including southeastern portions of maryland but back to the north and west around winchester, parts of the west virginia panhandle and frederick, maryland, about 1 to 2, maybe upwards of 3 inches tomorrow if we get some of those lake effect streamers coming through. look back toward western maryland. we're talking 5 to 10 inches there along and to the west of the allegheny front. snowshoe, west virginia, wisp, out toward maryland, those areas could pick up a very good amount of snow. something else we'll be dealing with the wind tomorrow. look at the lows tonight. not too bad. 36 in washington. 32 in leesburg. 33 in culpepper.
5:50 pm
tomorrow high temperatures, 42 in washington. but most areas should stay in the 30s and we will see falling temperatures during the afternoon. once again wind chills tomorrow afternoon will be around 20 to 25 degrees. we are looking at some very cold air coming in. bundle up. you'll need the coats. >> thank you, doug. well, police in florida say suspects accidently called police on themselves while they were in the middle of a drug deal. 911 dispatchers realized no one was talking to them so decided to keep listening and realized they were hearing a conversation about drugs. at the same time, a police informant was witnessing a drug deal and called police. turned out to be the car where the call was coming from. the suspect seemed very surprised when the police pulled up. >> put this thing up. >> your phone is on. >> my phone's on? >> step out of the car. >> i don't have a cell phone working right now. >> hello?
5:51 pm
>> 911 always works, miss. >> rats. police say they found drugs in the car. both people inside were arrested. the conversation was recorded on 911 and is being used as evidence against them. oh, dear. >> busted and busted. >> oops. turning to sports now hakem is here with this week's installment of in case you missed it. >> hello. here is a great way to finish off the work week. the super bowl champ sing a capella and blake griffin throws down the dunk of the year. dan hellie is working for the weekend but before he takes a break he delivers this week's edition of "in case you missed it." it's golf season again and sergio garcia already to go at the abu dhabi championship. on the par 3 12 he lands it on the green and then rolls it in perfectly for the hole in 1. one of two aces on that hole. but this one came with a nice little dance from sergio. some amazing basketball starting
5:52 pm
with blake griffin of the clippers. he's a dunking machine and this may have been the best ever. up and over kendrick perkins. it was such an in your face move that kendrick canceled his twitter account because of the embarrassment. nothing you can do, dude. griffin is a monster. and then there was the lost in translation move of the wisz wizards center jamal mcgee against the raptors. between his legs with the dribble and the sky hook unfortunately off the mark. hustles back on defense. wait a second. your team still has the ball. john says get back here, dude. throws the alley-oop. that isn't going to go either. typifies the wizards' season. let's head to the high school basketball courts. in montgomery, alabama st. james in the final game of the season against st. jude's. throws it the length of the court at the buzzer and it's good at the end of the first
5:53 pm
quarter. that was nice. st. james not done yet. time running out at the end of the first half. c.j. duncan puts it in from half court. despite the long-range shooting st. james still falls to st. jude's by three. how about the high school shop? in acadia, nebraska joseph christian fires it the length of the floor. 80 feet into the hoop for the bucket at the end of the third quarter. video footage provided by his father. can you tell? long shots weren't only happening in hoops. bruins' dennis seidenberg fires a shot down the ice just after crossing center ice. lo and behold, it gets past the iowa goaltender. from 96 feet away. that gives the bruins the lead. the defending stanley cup champs have all the luck. and all hail the super bowl champion new york giants. justin tuck calls andre brown to the podium to lead the cheer.
5:54 pm
>> i got a ring. >> they got a ring. >> we got a ring! we got a ring! we got a ring! we got a ring! >> reporter: in case you missed it you have now seen it all. just a moment, maybe years away from when the redskins can sing "i got a ring." >> we can keep dreaming. >> hoping. >> they can practice. they'll come up with a new song. >> thanks, hakem. still ahead the disturbing discovery police made on the computer of a man who killed himself and
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
on sunday josh powell killed himself and his two young sons just days after a judge ordered him to seek therapy. >> police found cartoons on his computer that showed adults having sex with children. it was a tragic ending to a long and sad story. >> here is "dateline's" keith morrison. >> i love my sons more than anything. i put them first. i put my family first. it is hard to believe that this man josh powell who proclaimed his love for his sons in august -- >> it blew up the house and the kids. >> reporter: was the same man who killed those sons and himself this week. >> it was shock, shock, shock.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the horrific end to a long and sad story. >> you kind of feel like you're grieving with the whole world. >> reporter: the end of the story was set in motion on a frigid winter night two years ago. josh's wife susan mysteriously disappeared. josh claimed he took the boys on a midnight camping trip in the family van in the snow, put a hundred miles on the car, and returned to find susan gone. the story neither the police nor his sister believed. >> the feeling hit me really strongly that josh had done something to her. >> reporter: was josh responsible for his wife's death? and why did he kill the children he professed to love? >> what is the motive for him killing his kids? is it that they start annoying a little too much? >> reporter: in the end did josh feel trapped? >> if they ask about susan with a lie detector. >> which they would have. >> he is not going to be able to lie. no way he is going to be able to get through this. >> the trap was really closing
5:59 pm
in. >> he was feeling really closed in. >> tonight dateline takes you inside the susan powell case with new details and insights from the people closest to it including josh powell in his final television interview. keith morrison, dateline nbc. and you can catch dateline tonight, an american tragedy. it airs this evening at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. >> that is it for news 4 at 5:00. thank you for joining us. >> we hope your weekend is a good one. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. it was the most dramatic day so far in the courtroom. what brought george huguely to tears in the murder trial of a university of virginia la crosse player. an arrest today in the murder of a transgender woman stabbed at a bus stop in the district. >> tonight the white house adjusts its contraception rules amid growing controversy from catholics and other religious


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